A deeper look into my photography, exhibitions and making of images.

The Young Landscape Photographer Of The Year Award

In 2020 I was lucky enough to win The Youth Young Landscape Photographer of the year award with my image "Counting Sheep" which I am extremely proud to be able to say. The idea of the image was to have the sheep as the subject of the image as they are more oftenly seen in the background of landscape photography and never have the focus on them. I felt like the image reflected what we were all feeling like In lockdown and this is why I entered the mage to the competition because of the story behind the image. From winning the competition I have interviews for various newspapers including the Herald and the Sunday Times, an interview on the radio and had the story featured on BBC news.

I am extremely happy to have one this award and want I keep pushing and processing my photography and see what else I can achieve; but at the end of the day I just love getting out there and creating Images.  

My first solo exhibitions

This year I was lucky enough to have my own solo exhibition in two locations which will be seen by hundreds of people each day. Burgess Hill train station along with Haywards Heath station are the two locations. Having my images up for this many people to see daily is an amazing feeling, it feels great to have achieved this but this is only the first step.

My gear and equipment

Currently I shoot elusively on Canon (apart from my fisheye lens and flashes) and have loved everything about it, even my 35mm is a Canon! 


Right now I am more than happy with my gear. I use:

Canon 250D body

50mm 1.8 lens

70-200mm lens

18-55mm lens 

18-80mm lens (35mm film camera)